Aplicaciones de la GPU

Imágenes Médicas

Las imágenes médicas es una de las primeras aplicaciones para aprovechar de la computación GPU para obtener la aceleración. El uso de GPU, en este campo ha madurado hasta el punto de que hay varias modalidades médicas de NVIDIA Tesla GPUs ahora.


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Technical Reports on Medical Imaging using CUDA
> University of Tokyo Stereoscopic medical imaging system
> Papers on Computed Tomography
       > University of Antwerp, Belgium digital tomography group
       > GE Healthcare CT imaging papers: Cone-Beam back-projection and Fluoro-CT reconstruction
       > Siemens Medical CT reconstruction
       > A Fast And High-Quality Cone Beam Reconstruction Pipeline Using The GPU, Siemens
       > High Performance Tomosynthesis Enabled via a GPU-based Iterative Reconstruction Framework, Siemens
       > Klaus Mueller's Work on Medical Imaging on GPUs
       > 3D Image Registration
       > Fast Deformable Registration
       > Cone Beam CT Toshiba Stroke Research Center and SUNY Buffalo
       > High Speed 3D Tomography on CPU, GPU, and FPGA
       > Accelerated GRAPPA Autocalibration in MRI
       > MR Image Reconstruction Using the GPU, Siemens
       > Fast MRI Gridding
       > Advanced MRI reconstruction
       > Stochastic DT-MRI Connectivity Mapping on the GPU
> Segmentation
       > Random Walks for Interactive Organ Segmentation in Two and Three Dimensions
> Registration
       > Automatic CT-ultrasound Registration for Diagnostic Imaging and Image-Guided Intervention
       > Interactive Model-based Image Registration
> Rendering
       > Importance-driven Rendering in Interventional Imaging
       > Real-time Volume Rendering for High Quality Visualization in Augmented Reality
> Medical Imaging
       > Scene Graph-based Construction of CUDA Kernel Pipelines for XIP

Other Medical Imaging Software/Equipment on CUDA-enabled GPUs
> CUDA Insight Toolkit: CUDA Accelerated extension of Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK)
> GPULib: IDL Acceleration
> ArrayFire GPU function library for C, C++, FORTRAN
> NPP: NVIDIA Performance Primitives: Focuses on image and video processing
> Techniscan Whole Breast Ultrasound Imaging System: Success Story

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