Tesla Product Literature

Industry Assets

GPU Applications Catalog (PDF – 548KB)

Intersect 360 Report (PDF - 365KB)

InsideBIGData Guide to Deep Learning and AI (PDF – Registration Required)

The Intersection of HPC and Machine Learning Paper (PDF – Registration Required)

Product Overview

Volta Performance Guide (PDF – 611KB)

3 Reasons to Deploy Volta Flyer (PDF -690KB)

Inference Infographic (PDF -5.5MB)

Volta HPC Infographic (PDF – 273KB)

Volta AI Infographic (PDF – 1.3MB)

NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 Performance Guide (PDF – 699KB)

NVIDIA Pascal™ Infographic (PDF – 1.03MB)

Tesla P100 Technical Overview (PDF – 348KB)

3 Reasons to Deploy Pascal Flyer (PDF – 489KB)

Data Center Value Infographic (PDF – 2.37MB)

Technical Specifications and Installation Guides

Tesla V100 Datasheet (PDF – 379KB)

Tesla V100 PCIe Product Brief (PDF – 434KB)

Tesla P100 for PCIe Datasheet (PDF – 294KB)

Tesla P100 Datasheet (PDF – 342KB)

Tesla P4 Datasheet (PDF – 164KB)

Tesla P40 Datasheet (PDF – 166KB)

Tesla P40 Product Brief (PDF - 1.28 MB)

Tesla P100 for PCIE Product Brief (PDF - 1.24 MB)

Customer Success Stories

JD for Video Detection (Blog)

iFLYTEK Voice Cloud Platform (Blog)

Valossa for Video Data (Blog)

NASA Ames (PDF -265KB)

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (PDF -1.1MB)

UFL and UNC (PDF -542KB)

Princeton (PDF -774KB)

NCSA Gravity Group (PDF -563KB)

The Beckman Institute, UIUC (PDF -613KB)

Science for Life Laboratory (PDF -867KB)


Inference Technical Overview (PDF – 715KB)

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU Architecture Whitepaper (PDF – Registration Required)

Democratization of Supercomputing Whitepaper (PDF – Registration Required)

NVIDIA Pascal Architecture Whitepaper (PDF – Registration Required)

Whitepaper: Remote Visualization on Server-Class Tesla GPUs (PDF - 1.02 MB)

Last Time Ship- June 2018

NVIDIA GPU Boost for Tesla- Application Note (PDF - 382 KB)

Tesla K Family Product Overview (PDF - 549 KB)

Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator Overview (PDF - 462 KB)

Tesla K80 Board Specification (PDF - 457 KB)

K80 Datasheet (PDF -550KB)

Kepler Whitepaper (PDF -1.7MB)

End of Life

Tesla M40 Product Brief (PDF - 1.25 MB)

K40 Datasheet (PDF -261KB)

M4 Datasheet (PDF -843KB)