Customer Testimonials

Kristopher D. Gomez, Scottsdale, AZ:
Kristopher D. Gomez “I've found that games running on an NVIDIA GPU average more frames-per-minute than any other GPU I've tested, and have the options available to make our experiences more engaging and realistic, as they should be … Television picture from my Xtacy Everything is second-to-none, whether it be on my computer monitor, or a separate television. People often ask me how I do these things, and with a certain joy, I explain NVIDIA’s host of multimedia products, and how they've made my experiences the best they can be, and how my computer is more than just a workhorse machine. I explain to them that I don't like my machine to be a headache and by using the right hardware inside, I make it a universal multimedia center for gaming, relaxing, enjoying, as well as working…NVIDIA GPUs are fast, reliable, tweekable, powerful, compatible, fun, and easy.”


John Luekemeyer, Corona, CA:
John Luekemeyer

“With our NVIDIA cards, the games run good and look life-like. Since most games work well with NVIDIA, I feel confident that the games will run well… No matter which brand of NVIDIA cards we have bought – TNT™, TNT2™, GeForce™ 2, 3 & 4 [series] – they are reliable. I have friends that use some of the competitors GPUs, but they always have some kind of trouble with their cards…”


Barry Schuler, Bethlehem, PA:
Barry Schuler

“I may have spent some extra money for a new graphics card, but I figure I’ve saved a bundle in tech-support calls. And who wants to hear, ‘It won’t work on the computer because of the graphics card’? Thank you NVIDIA! Thank you.”


Robert Bateman, Saratoga, CA:
Robert Bateman

“If you want a graphics card that will work on 99% of anything you plug it into, great driver support and painless upgrades, look no further than NVIDIA. There simply is no one else out there who will come even close. These people care about their products and it shows.”


Andy Rome, Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Andy Rome

“Recently I switched from [a competitor’s card] to an NVIDIA card and I was amazed at the difference…Not only do I no longer receive any errors and/or problems, but the quality of game play, 3D rendering, productivity and overall performance was through the roof. Furthermore, all of the driver updates are flawless…”


Matthew Stevens, Grants Pass, OR:
Matthew Stevens

“I have tried graphic cards from just about every maker – but the best yet that I have found is the definitive solution for both gaming and video are NVIDIA chipset-based cards. Other companies might boast with benchmark tests that happen in some clandestine lab, away from the real test of what visual quality and reliability is required for Hardcore 133T gamers. I would rather have the good feeling that the games I am playing on my NVIDIA GPU were the same games developed on NVIDIA GPUs. Benchmarks don’t get you un-fragged when your graphics card freezes up on you at a LAN party. NVIDIA is also the best supporters of post-sales support to all cards built with their chips (unlike the cryptic workings of some other companies that leave you without any hope of driver update just because they are making newer products)...but hey I guess benchmarks aren’t everything are they? Since switching to the NVIDIA GPU Family of cards I have not experienced the sour taste that so many other GPU chipset makers have left. So while my peers and friends all tell me about benchmarks, I will just have to reply to them with my weapon of choice, rendered beautifully with my NVIDIA GeForce™ FX5950 Ultra.”


Austin Shea, Mamaroneck, NY:
Austin Shea

“When I started to look for a new video card, I noticed that [a competitor’s card] had a number of offerings that people claimed were better than NVIDIA. I decided that my best bang for buck was going to be a [competitor’s card]. After about a month of owning the card I had more problems than I could've possibly imagined…crashes, AWFUL drivers, and extremely poor performance in Counter-Strike (even a game as old as that!). Needless to say, I was disappointed. So, I sold the [card] and bought a GeForce™ FX 5900 and have been happy ever since. It’s offered me GREAT performance in ALL games, from Max Payne 2 to Counter-Strike. I've learned my lesson: No one makes a card like NVIDIA and no one supports that card better than the very same company. If you want a card that is going to LAST and is going to give you the performance you EXPECT when you lay down hundreds of dollars for 3D performance, you HAVE to buy a card from NVIDIA.”  


Steve Aycock, Johns Island, SC:
Steve Aycock

“As a technology consultant with years of experience upgrading, repairing, and maintaining computers of all kinds, I am often asked by my peers why I am such a staunch supporter of NVIDIA products. The answer is easy; NVIDIA is the best! Their products exemplify a unique ideology of uncompromised integrity, leading the market with a bold resolve. Superior quality is the hallmark of enduring leadership. NVIDIA embodies this with an uncommon spirit and fervor...Simply put, NVIDIA supports me—the consumer—with outstanding products, so I support them. I'm not given to unqualified compliments, and so it is with no light heart that I say NVIDIA easily earns my advocacy.”


Donald Moulton, Portland, ME:
Donald Moulton

“Between the A+ customer support with new drivers and excellent service, the raw speed of this card, the graphical quality, the stability and game compatibility – there’s just no other company that can put this all together.”


Dean Leveille, Salem, NH:
Dean Leveille

“I have never spent ANY time browsing tech forums for support since [I’ve switched to NVIDIA], as I’ve quite simply never had any problems. NVIDIA’s unified driver downloads make staying on top of driver updates ten times easier then the competition. I even went so far as to replace all of my motherboards in every system with nForce chipsets, and I could not be happier with the result. My average system uptime since I have gone all-NVIDIA is 2-3 weeks, and even then I only reset because of Microsoft Windows updates. With other brands I would be lucky to last a day without having to reset due to a crash or blue screen."


Matthew A. Zayas, Hopatcong, NJ:
Matthew A. Zayas

“Compatibility issues and lack of support with other video-cards are a constant issue in today's online gaming world. Because of this, I employ others to use NVIDIA cards because of their wide support for present day applications, and frequently updated drivers. This makes the task of helping others less complex, due to the reduction of possible errors.”