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Acer AspireRevo
“Acer decided to launch it as the AspireRevo, basically providing the world with a revolutionary product that offers an impressive level of performance inside a small package.”
“Revo…is the first computer with Nvidia's Ion netbook platform. Why care? Because it's got a crappy Intel Atom processor and plays HD Blu-ray movies flawlessly.”

“What these apps all have in common, and why the Revo can perform with them better than standard Atom computers is that these apps all leverage graphics cards—in this case, Nvidia's—for power, instead of just using the CPU.”

“if this or something like it comes out at $400, it's the first kind of "net" computer I'd actually consider buying.”
“The perfect desktop for an imperfect world”

“This Acer Aspire Revo…may be one of the best desktop computers ever created”

“…the product is thin, sexy and quiet for a desktop and about the size of a hard backed book. With prices starting below $400, this may be one of the best values in a market hungry for them.”
-TG Daily
"AspireRevo completely changes the concept of a nettop, which used to provide the very least performance."
“It's a nettop+ if you like, packing the Intel Atom 230 processor and an Nvidia Ion graphics processor that combine to offer low power consumption and a graphics capability on a par with your average multimedia PC…. Using Windows Vista as its operating system, 4GB of memory and all the connectivity (including Wi-Fi) you would ever need, the AspireRevo can obviously do just about everything that your average home PC can do, as well as being good for viewing 1080p HD movies (using the HDMI connector) and playing DirectX 10 games.”
“…the new nettop (AspireRevo) outperforms Asus Eee Box in term of computing power. Although Eee Box adopts Atom, it is inferior in image resolution without the help of NVIDIA ION.”
More PC makers moving to try ION - “Although many PC makers kept conservative attitude toward ION, some of them are re-evaluating the feasibility of ION adoption, which is strongly encouraged by Acer’s first adoption of ION for its AspireRevo.”
-IT Base
“Coupled with the fact that NVIDIA has guaranteed the first ION-based nettop product will be priced below US$299, Acer (AspireRevo) is expected to grab lots of shares rapidly in the nettop market.”
-IT Base
“The built-in Ion GPU means that this bugger is completely capable of handling 1080p (and thus, Blu-ray) content, DirectX 10 and even mildly demanding games such as Call of Duty 4 and Spore.”
“AspireRevo’s BD movie playback performance is stunning, it’s said that AspireRevo has changed the low-priced PC landscape.”
“NVIDIA ION platform breaches Intel’s line of defense”

“Some PC makers said that Acer’s adoption of ION platform will encourage more players in the market to follow and introduce ION-based products.”
“Whoever used Atom with Intel 945GC chipset based PC knows, surfing the web is OK, but if you want to watch HD movie, play 3D games requiring graphics performance, Intel solution sucks.”
-PC Home Advance
“The AspireRevo is actually a very stylish little machine. Let's salivate, shall we?”

“The AspireRevo measures a svelte and tiny 7.1-inch x 7.1-inch x 1.2-inches high. Bookshelf HTPC? It certainly does smack of that and if you tether a USB Blu-ray drive to it, you've got all the comforts of home in very little space”
-Hot Hardware
“Acer’s Aspire Revo could be the Eee PC of the desktop.”

“[Combining ION with Atom] gives the Aspire Revo the best of both worlds.”

“Plonk this next to your home theatre system and you’ve got the guts of a very capable and affordable media centre.”
“The NVIDIA 9400M Graphics allows indeed excellent graphics performance at low power consumption, allowing to play some heavy games like Call Of Duty 4 and Spore.”
“The Acer Aspire Revo is a small, sexy, green, inexpensive, and capable PC.”

“The system runs dead quiet, pulls a fraction of the electricity of a typical desktop PC, and will even mount on the back of an Acer Monitor to create one of the least expensive all-in-one combinations in the market.”

“the Acer Aspire Revo should be one of the most successful desktop products released this year.”

“this may be the new killer combination for small, light, portable PCs.”
“Acer's Revo shrinks the media PC”

“7.1 surround sound and Nvidia Ion. Nice!”

“this little box o' tricks is packed to its teeny rafters with tech-y goodness, with the star performer being the Nvidia Ion chipset to complement the Intel Atom processor.”

“a small investment for a Blu-ray drive would be an acceptable cost to associate with buying this little nettop.”
“Powered by NVIDIA's ION processor as well as Intel's Atom processor, the nettop also has the graphics horsepower to double as a gaming console.”
“The AspireRevo lets users watch 1080p HD video, play DirectX 10 games at high frame rates and tap the 3D capabilities of Windows Vista Premium.”
-PC World
“The Ion GPU can do more than play games and decode video, too. As GPU computing continues to develop, the Ion can fill in as a co-processor for the somewhat performance-challenged Atom CPU.”
-Tech Report
“It targets buyers who want low cost products that use little energy, do not accept any limitations in using their PC and look cool at the same time. In addition, the best performance parts for a product for this mixed up market comes from Intel which has the Atom platform, and Nvidia, which has Ion.”
“the new Acer AspireRevo might just be the perfect home theater PC.”
“The system can do most things a full-sized PC can, including play high-definition video and games, share digital pics and Web surfing.”

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