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Heavenly Hardware Gold Award
Gainward GeForce FX 5900 XT

“The Geforce-FX 5900XT is arguably the best value card on the market at the moment. When we looked at our last 5900XT model we were more than impressed by its performance both at stock speeds and when overclocked”
"The Gainward 5900 XT / Ultra 1100 XP Golden Sample is an excellent card."
"If your buying a 5900XT your first choice should be Gainward…infact we’d go so far as to say, if your going to buy any 5900 series card you should take a good look at the Ultra 1100 XP Golden Sample before you make your purchase. You may just find it’s the best bang for the buck out there."
"The Gainward 5900XT / Ultra 1100XT Golden Sample is the first product ever to receive the Driverheaven Gold Hardware Award." - Stuart "Veridian3" Davidson Site Manager, PR and Hardware Editor."

April 2004