- January 2008


GPGPUs: Neat Idea or Disruptive Technology?
Scientific computing
"From my recent experience, the compute unified device architecture (CUDA) software development environment is straight-forward. From observation, other computational scientists who have experience in writing parallel software also appear to have no problem using CUDA. One individual remarked that he got more work done in one day using CUDA than he did in a year working with the Cell broadband engine (BE) processor."

Microprocessor Report
“Parallel processing on multicore processors is the industry’s biggest software challenge, but the real problem is there are too many solutions—and all require more effort than setting a compiler flag.”

Podcast: CUDA technology and Tesla computing solution
Extreme Tech
"Extreme Tech interviews NVIDIA in the second half of the show about CUDA technology and Tesla solution."

NVIDIA’s CUDA Zone provides online resources, community
"CUDAZone will be the global meeting point for professionals, academics and anyone wanting to know more about CUDA and Tesla. The site will feature white papers on programming techniques, customer spotlights, forums in which to post projects and discuss methodologies, downloads of the CUDA tools, code samples, news and events and much more."

32nd Annual Product of the Year Awards: Software enables massively parallel computation
Electronics Products
"Complex computational problems in consumer, business, and technical applications can take an eternity on a standard PC, but a software tool called CUDA enables a tremendous performance improvement by operating on large quantities of data in parallel. The technology gives computationally intensive applications access to the huge processing power of the graphics processing unit using a new programming interface coupled with the standard C language."