- February 2008


NVIDIA offers new Mac programming tools
"Nvidia has released a Mac OS X version of its CUDA programming tools. Nvidia's CUDA tools help developers utilize the GPUs on newer Nvidia graphics hardware as parallel processing engines."

Graphics processor to drive the future of scalable computing
Supercomputing Online
"University of Illinois Professor Wen-mei Hwu addressed impending benefits and challenges for supercomputing industry: The proliferation of widely accessible graphical processing units is changing the landscape of supercomputing, offering researchers multiple benefits — and a few challenges."

Nvidia's Top Brain Talks Future of Graphics Computing
"By 2012, three of the top five supercomputers in the world will have graphics processors using parallel computing applications to crunch numbers at a clip that's not possible on standard CPU-only set-ups, predicts Nvidia (NSDQ: NVDA) chief scientist David Kirk."

CUDA - let the GPU take the strain
"The barracuda is the wolf of the sea, a slim silver dart that hunts in deadly packs. It’s perhaps not surprising that NVIDIA has taken part of its name for its GPU-based supercomputing tools."

Researchers, NVIDIA Collaborate on GPU Petascale Computing
"The combination of CUDA parallel programming tools and NVIDIA Tesla GPU Computing products is driving a fundamental change in the world of scientific computing and delivering unprecedented levels of price performance to research facilities."