- July 2008


NVIDIA Recognizes University Of Utah As A Cuda Center Of Excellence
NVIDIA Corporation
NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual computing technologies, and the University of Utah today announced that the university has been recognized as a CUDA Center of Excellence, a milestone that marks the beginning of a significant partnership between the two organizations.

Processor Bifurcation
Linux Magazine
The processor market is diverging between two paths, the general and the predictable. Where does HPC hitch it’s wagon?

Parallel computing with GPUs
Dr.Dobb’s Portal
Astute readers of this series timed the two versions of the reverse array example discussed in Part 4 and Part 5 and were puzzled about how the shared memory version is faster than the global memory version.

Parallel computing with GPUs
Writing highly parallel code is hard, but many of us are going to need to learn to do it in the next few years, since computers are now getting more cores and bigger caches instead of faster clocks. Writing good parallel code for symmetric multi-processor computers with shared memory is hard enough, but when it becomes asymmetric, more than a little art is required.

NVIDIA Accelerates the Search for a Cure
Stanford University's distributed computing program Folding@home has become a major force in researching cures to life-threatening diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, and Parkinson's disease by combining the computing horsepower of millions of processors to simulate protein folding.

NVIDIA Keeps It Interesting
NVIDIA is continuing to push hard on CUDA, the company's C-based software environment for GPU computing. With last month's announcement of the first CUDA Center of Excellence at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NVIDIA said it donated half a million dollars to the school.

Graphics Chips Help Supercomputers Become Commonplace
The sight of supercomputers in every home and office may soon become a reality thanks to video games such as Grand Theft Auto. High-end 3D games need the fastest graphics chips to run well. This has driven graphics cards makers to build ever-faster cards, and performance from the graphics processor on these cards is hundreds of times faster than the processor in a standard PC.