- August 2008

CUDA, Supercomputing for the Masses: Part 7
Dr.Dobb’s Portal
CUDA and CUDA-enabled devices are co-evolving to deliver more performance and capability with each new generation. NVIDIA's recent introduction of the GeForce 200-series and Tesla 10-series of products, shows the rapidity of this evolution as roughly twice the hardware capability is now available at the same price point of the previous line of products plus the 200-series includes the addition of some valuable (and potentially indispensable) new features.

NVIDIA's GeForce GPUs Used for More Than Graphics
New consumer application pack uses NVIDIA CUDA technology to improve performance beyond graphics on NVIDIA GeForce GPUs. Consumers want blazing fast performance -- whether blasting their way through the latest game or being socially responsible and sharing their PC's processing power to help find cures for diseases.

Larrabee, CUDA and the quest for the free lunch
TG daily
Opinion – Intel unveiled some key details about its upcoming Larrabee accelerator/discrete graphics architecture earlier this week, sparking speculation how this new technology will stack up to what is already out there in the market.