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 Demos: Twister

Twister takes the danger out of capturing tornado footage. In this demo, you’re placed right up front where you can steer the very forces of nature. At the touch of a button your tornado is raging through a trailer park. Let the twister find its own path of destruction or take control and determine the fate of this small community.

The raw power GeForce4 MX’s fill rate allows the tornado surface to be rendered in real time. Thousands of cloud particles are rendered per frame; all lit using advanced volutmetric techniques. And there is lots of fill left over to render the multilayer sky, trailer park objects and shadows.

The GeForce4 MX does so much work that the CPU is left free to compute the physics in the trailer park, allowing the tornado to come to life as you use it to rip apart trailers and watch them crash to the ground. For extra realism the whole scene is rendering using NVIDIA’s Accuview Antialiasing technology, providing beautiful textures and smooth edges.

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