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Technical Brief: High-Precision Graphics
GeForce FX GPUs deliver studio-quality on the desktop PC. Take a look at the inner-workings of the technologies driving this revolutionary advancement in the attached technical brief (4.9MB PDF).

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- Over-bright Image -
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The atmosphere in a game, as in a movie, depends largely on how the environment is lit. The possible "spread" between the lightest and darkest area of the frame constrains the varieties of mood that space can express. The enormously expanded range enabled by the GeForce FX opens the door to myriad new effects. Not only can game worlds be lit more dynamically and realistically without nasty visual trade-offs, they can also reach new levels of immersion by simulating the human visual system's reaction to rapid light changes.

The response curves of standard computer displays do not match the light sensing ability of the human eye, though, and something always seems to get lost in the translation, no matter how you twiddle the knobs. Ever played games that seem too dark in some areas, and washed out in others, with not much of an in-between? Unable to spot your enemies until too late, you boost your monitor's brightness, or tweak the game's esoteric video options, only to revisit them when the scene changes. The problem isn't with the game, it's with your hardware. The GeForce FX can much more accurately correct for differences between your eyes and monitor by supporting true dynamic gamma correction at the pixel level.






- Transparency (Alpha) Bits -
Think you've seen cool volumetric effects? Competing hardware allows for only eight measly bits of transparency (alpha) information, explaining why you've always been either completely out in the clear, or utterly ensconced in fog. Where's the variety? Where are the initial tendrils of mist that, snaking their way through some haunted wood, eventually threaten to leave you wandering blind and vulnerable? Why do battlefields never develop a lingering, smoky haze as the cannons fire again and again? You won't believe the difference a GeForce FX makes.

And there's lots more going on under the hood of this souped-up GPU, all enabled by the incredible speed and precision of the only fully 128-bit graphics pipeline available today. Frame buffer post-processing allows for Photoshop-like effects in real time; per-pixel specular components make a variety of materials look more realistic than you thought possible; and all these improvements and effects stack up, layer upon layer, to deliver the most incredible gaming experience ever.

Your old games will look better and run faster on the GeForce FX, and developers are already hard at work creating and embellishing the games you'll be raving about in the months to come. New technologies like Microsoft®'s DirectX® 9.0 and the powerful new Cg high-level shading language make it easier than ever to bring dazzling, complex visual effects to the gaming world.

See precisely what the developers intended. NVIDIA's GeForce FX is the way it's meant to be played.