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 Game: Breed

Developer: Brat Designs Publisher: CDV        

The year is 2600, an Alien Race known as the Breed have conquered Earth while you were away protecting the colonies of Mars. Launch Epic battles using a multitude of vehicles across Land, Air, Sea and Space to reclaim Earth in this Sci-fi spectacular.

Technology Features:

The Mercury engine or game kernel is designed to simplify the production of 3D action games, both single and multiplayer. This is achieved by the use of simple scripts, which reduce the amount of project specific code. Scripts define project elements such as missions, vehicles, characters, weapons, sounds, landscapes, effects, hierarchical objects, wheeled vehicle dynamics, IK character animation and mesh utilities.

Complex multi part vehicles can be easily created, providing several stations for player grunts. An example is an APC armed with several turrets. A grunt may drive the APC and control the forward turret. Secondary turrets would be available to other grunts optionally controlled by a remote, multi player.

Standard 3D engine rendering techniques are supported, including multi-texturing, soft shadowing, specular highlights, reflection mapping and real time adjusted 'time of day' lighting.

3D sound is provided for spot effects, vehicles and characters. Vehicles also benefit from 'multi layer' sound.

Breed Screenshot
Developed by Brat Designs and using their new Mercury engine, Breed takes advantage of the latest high-speed DDR2 memory and AGP 8X pipeline of the GeForce FX to enhance intense gaming experiences, with stunning visual effects at unrivalled speeds.
Breed Screenshot
Beautiful lighting and shadows, complex geometry combine in Breed on the GeForce FX to make some of the most stunning gaming environments come alive!!
Breed Screenshot
With elaborate lighting and atmospheric calculations, densely foliated trees, and outrageously high polygon count models; this frame demonstrates just how much detail and complexity the GeForce FX can support.
Breed Screenshot
The power of the GeForce FX 5800 GPU and the new CineFX engine bring gamers unparalleled beauty in higher resolutions at faster frame rates in fantastic 3D worlds.

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