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 Game: Deus Ex: The Invisible War

Developer: Ion Storm Publisher: Eidos        

15 years following the events depicted in the multi-award winning Deus Ex, the world is beginning to recover from catastrophic depression. As anti-terrorist agent Alex Denton, you must fight numerous militant factions bent on violently reshaping the world to suit their own agendas.

Equipped with high-tech gadgetry and bio-mods that can induce superhuman powers, travel the globe chasing the conspirators, those out to get you and truth behind your own origins.


  • True Player Choice provides the most advanced go-anywhere-do-anything freedom in a video game to date. The game molds to the players method of solution solving - violence, stealth, or harvesting information.
  • Action-packed first-person thriller with intense shooter and stealth gameplay elements.
  • A new benchmark in graphics quality for a video game, this game delivers the most realistic atmosphere and environments to date.
  • Use tools and bio-modifications to achieve your objectives with interesting effect - see through walls, run faster than cars, leap 40 ft in the air, regenerate critical body damage, render your self radar invisible.
Deus Ex 2 Screenshot
Deus Ex 2 Screenshot
Deus Ex 2 Screenshot
Deus Ex 2 Screenshot
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