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Steel Monkeys

 Games: Master Rallye

Developer: Steel Monkeys
Genre: Racing

Master Rallye is 5000 kilometres of cross-country rallying from Paris to Moscow; ten days of gruelling racing across every type of terrain, along with dust, pain, tears and adrenaline. Master Rallye is dangerous to the extreme yet beautiful in its simplicity: the world’s best rally drivers take the world’s toughest vehicles to their limits on the most demanding off-road tracks imaginable. You will need to battle through 30 stages spread across seven different countries, using your skill and guile to find the quickest path to the finish line. You are not alone in your bid for the championship. With the most advanced and aggressive artificial intellegence (AI) opponents ever seen in a driving game, winning may be easier said than done…

Unlike many other rally games, Master Rallye does not just involve a single car racing against the clock. Master Rallye allows the player to race against other human or AI opponents. Indeed, the game features a groundbreaking AI system which gives all of the opposition cars virtual 100% human-style free will. Your opponents’ personalities, competitiveness and previous race experience all influence their performance in the game and they respond accordingly to the player’s in-game actions and treatment of the opposition cars.

The game’s physics and handling are equally impressive with the vehicle dynamics governed by 18 coupled differential equations which describe the suspension, the tyres, the 6 degree-of-freedom chassis, the wheels, the clutch, the drive train, the engine and more. In short, driving a car in Master Rallye feels about as close as you can come to the real thing!

Master Rallye fully exploits the GeForce4’s advanced feature set, using extremely detailed vehicle models of over 15,000 polygons and the power of the GeForce4’s nfiniteFXengine to apply complex texturing and lighting effects to these models in real time.

The game draws over 150K triangles per frame, using vertex and pixel shaders as well as quad-texturing to achieve effects such as dynamic shadow mapping, real-time environment reflections, true reflective bump mapping and multiple layers of detailing effects. Master Rallye and the GeForce4 are set to mark a watershed in computer gaming.

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