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Technical Brief: NVIDIA PowerMizer SX
This document provides an overview of the features and benefits of NVIDIA PowerMizer® SX (System eXtensions) mobile technology (430KB PDF)

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 NVIDIA® PowerMizer™ SX Technology

PowerMizer SX technology, included in NVIDIA Notebook Chipset solutions, is a suite of power management functions that dramatically lowers notebook power consumption by keeping idle system components in low power states. It helps control CPU, hard drive, Ethernet, and USB functions to lower battery drain when they are not active. PowerMizer SX technology also manages GPU functions and LCD brightness to extend battery life.
nForce Laptop Computer

NVIDIA PowerMizer SX
Lowest power AMD Turion 64 platform
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The result—AMD Turion-class notebooks that deliver longer battery-life than ever before.

NVIDIA has delivered several generations of PowerMizer Technology features in NVIDIA GeForce® notebook graphics processors. PowerMizer SX technology extends power management capabilities from the GPU to include media, communications and other system level functions.