SLI FSAA (Full Scene Anti Aliasing): Combines two PCI Express graphics cards with an SLI connector to transparently scale image quality on a single display by presenting them as a single graphics card to the operating system.

  • SLI FSAA increases the FSAA level up to 128x to remove jaggies from contours of geometries in real time.
  • Design review and digital mockup (DMU), visual simulation, and scientific visualization applications that require high level of FSAA will benefit from using the FSAA mode.


  • Two identical NVIDIA Quadro 6000, 5000, FX 5800 or FX 4800 graphics cards with SLI Connector
  • Quadro Plex 7000 and 2200 D2 visualization system
  Windows Linux
   DVI Outputs 1 1
   FSAA Up to 128x Up to 128x
   Stereo with G-Sync - -
   SDI - -