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 SLI Frame Rendering

SLI Frame Rendering: Combines two Quadro graphics boards with an SLI connector to transparently scale application performance on a single display by presenting them as a single graphics card to the operating system.


  • Split frame rendering (SFR) mode benefits fill rate-limited applications frequently found in industries such as visual simulation.
  • Alternate frame rendering (AFR) mode benefits geometry-limited applications in CAD and DCC industries.


  • Two identical NVIDIA Quadro K4200, M4000, K5000, K5200, M5000, K6000, M6000, M6000 24GB, P4000, P5000, and P6000 graphics cards with SLI connector.
  Windows Linux
   Display Outputs 1 to 4 1 to 4
   FSAA Up to 128x Up to 128x
   Quadro Sync
   Stereo with Quadro Sync - -