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  • nfiniteFX II Engine

    The NVIDIA nfiniteFX II engine incorporates dual programmable vertex shaders, faster pixel shaders and 3D textures--giving developers the freedom to program a virtually infinite number of custom special effects to create true-to-life characters and environments. nfiniteFX II is a feature of all GeForce4 Ti GPUs; the GeForce4 4200 Go GPU; and the Quadro4 980, 900, and 750 XGL GPUs.

  • AGP 8X

    Provides double the bandwidth of AGP 4X—2.1GB/sec. vs. 1.1GB/sec. AGP 8X enables more complex models and detailed textures, creating richer and more lifelike environments. Uninterrupted data flow allows for smoother video streaming and faster, more seamless gameplay. (AGP 8X/4X compliant)

  • Accuview Antialiasing

    The Accuview Antialiasing subsystem with advanced multisampling hardware delivers full-scene antialiased quality at performance levels never before seen.

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 GeForce4 4200 Go Product Overview
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 GeForce4 Go Product Overview
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