GeForce4 Ti: Demos


See the stunning visual power of GeForce4 Ti in action with the following demo movies and downloads. See for yourself how features of GeForce4 Ti will radically change your expectations for 3D on your PC.



Demos: Wolfman
Another first for NVIDIA - real-time volumetric fur rendering on a fully animated character model. But this is no cute, furry dog.


Demos: Tidepool
The shores are realistically rendered using Z-correct bump mapping, allowing the water to interact with the shores with infinitely more detail than ever before.


Demos: Squid
Jacques Cousteau never found anything like this rare breed. Explore the depths of the ocean brought to life by the GeForce4 Ti's twin Vertex Processing Units.


Demos: Grace
Enjoy the balance of dynamic physics and robotic grace as you watch the dancer. She dances fast or slow and even pauses, while the cloth and bubbles whip and flow around her.