Resumenes Técnicos


The NVIDIA GeForce4 MX series of GPUs combines cutting-edge technological features for superior graphics performance and quality. Read the following technical briefs for a detailed look at these features and the technologies that drive them. 

 Technical Brief: nView Multi-display Technology
Read about the cutting-edge combination of hardware and software features of NVIDIA's revolutionary nView multi-display technology in the attached technical brief (250KB PDF).

 Technical Brief: AGP 8X
This technical brief details the benefits of the latest AGP 3.0 enhancements and NVIDIA's plans for its adoption. (2.24MB PDF)

 Technical Brief: Accuview Antialiasing
NVIDIA's Accuview AA subsystem tackles those dreaded "jaggies" with advanced antialiasing modes and a unique and flexible architecture--described in detail in the attached technical brief (227KB PDF).

 Lightspeed Memory Architecture II Tech Brief
NVIDIA's LMA II delivers advanced memory bus bandwidth optimizations for the best graphics performance and quality. Get a behind-the-scenes look at LMA II technologies in this technical brief (165KB PDF).

 Technical Brief: Video Processing Engine
NVIDIA's Video Processing Engine provides the ultimate digital entertainment experience for your PC. Learn about the technologies that drive this cutting-edge feature in the following technical brief (389KB PDF).