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GeForce4 MX: Juegos


Game developers are already taking advantage of GeForce4 MX technology. Take a look at how the following games and demos utilize Lightspeed Memory Architecture 2 to create stunning scenes and characters.


Games: EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin
Explore uncharted territory in Shadows of Luclin. Travel to an enchanting moonscape packed with new zones, items, creatures and spells. Luclin is divided into a land of light, ruled by Discord, and a land of shadow, ruled by Order.


Games: Dungeon Siege
The world of Dungeon Siege is one gigantic, continuous world where you can seamlessly journey without ever stopping to watch a "loading screen".


Games: 4x4 EVO2
You can almost see the secret smile cross the face of 4x4 owners as they reach the end of the asphalt. They know they can take their trucks or Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) where no other cars can go. They can plow up mountainsides, splash through gullies, and climb to the top of mesas.


Games: Tiger Woods 2002
Golf comes alive! Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 now sports a revolutionary new 3D graphics engine that drives it past the competition.